Compelling Questions 2

***What exactly is consciousness? How do we distinguish it? How does it arise? How is it created? How is it tied to the Physical? In the case of humans, how is consciousness related to the physical brain? How do we measure consciousness?

***How did life start? What was there before life as we know it? How do we imagine a universe before life as we know it?

***What is the relationship between consciousness and life? Can a nonliving thing be conscious? Can a living thing be non-conscious? Why does consciousness appear to be bound to an individual entity?

***What is the relationship between consciousness and the physical universe? What are the physics of consciousness? What medium does consciousness exist in?

***What is life? How many forms can life take? We have definitions of life, but these are merely built on our limited experiences with life on earth and are designed only to take into account what we can model scientifically.

***We basically have two senses. 1) The sense of interactions of body matter in terms of touch, temperate, and pain, and of sound waves touching the eardrum, and 2) the sense of particle recognition in terms of smell and taste, as well as photon recognition for sight. How many more sensory mediums could be possible? There are things that we can’t sense on our own, but that we can sense with technological equipment, such as various cosmic particles and gravity waves. What more things exist that we cannot yet detect even with advanced equipment? Are there things that can never be detected by mechanical equipment? What more can exist that is not a form of matter or energy? How could we ever become aware of it and interact with it?

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