Intro to Blake Rivers’s Blog

Hello World,

I’ll be discussing a variety of topics that I find interesting under the pen name Blake.  I am still somewhat uncertain as to how informal versus academic I should make this blog.  For the sake of freedom and spontaneity of thought and natural expression, I will likely remain as relaxed and informal as possible.  Of course, that’s not to say that I don’t approach topics with a high level of seriousness and methodology.  And it is not to say that my personal beliefs will intolerably bias the writings, though I will let them bleed through a bit.  It also should not be assumed that what I have to say directly illuminates my personal beliefs.  After all, if I couldn’t play Devil’s advocate, I wouldn’t be much of a arguer.

Note that I can only present ideas based on my limited knowledge, and it is possible that I may be mistaken in my assumptions or stated facts.  However, do not mistake error for skepticism.  For example, one might read a science article about the brain and marvel at how scientists know almost everything about the mind, whereas I would read the same article and marvel at how we know virtually nothing about the mind.

Continuation posts will be numbered 1, 2, 3, etc., and are usually intended to be read in that order.

Please comment if you have something meaningful or helpful to say, either compliment or criticism.  Please do not expect me to respond to commentary in any way; I will respond wherever I see fit.  In all probability, a comment will only merit response if it is a question, it requires serious rebutting, or it presents something that I did not think of myself.  On the other hand, anything might prompt discussion, so don’t be discouraged to offer something.  Also, I do appreciate encouragement, and I will consider any suggestions for future post topics.

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