Compelling Questions 5

***Everything is in our minds. Everything within our experience is processed by the brain and then selectively uploaded to the conscious entity, such that perceptions and experiences bubble up to our awareness. How is this possible? What allows such interaction between operator and machinery?

***How can we interact with our brains if we are merely a conscious observer? How do we control thoughts? What is being observed? What is the scope and limitations of our observation? What mechanism allows us to be aware of our thoughts? Where is the conscious entity? How is it localized? How ^can^ it be localized if it is able to be aware of our thoughts which span across the cerebral cortex? Does our consciousness have dimensions? 4X3X5 inches? How ridiculous is this to even imagine?

***What does it mean for something to be physical? What defines physical?

***If time were cyclical, what would that mean for our 4-dimensional conscious experience and world line? If time ran backward and forward (oscillating reversals) what would that mean for us and our experience?

***If causality can work forward and backward through time, what does this suggest about causality? Is causality a human-constructed illusion? Is it closer to the truth to say that events are interconnected and inter-influenced?

***How could physical determinism determine our non-physical experience? Prototransmutation would have to be true, for one.

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