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Compelling Questions 5

***Everything is in our minds. Everything within our experience is processed by the brain and then selectively uploaded to the conscious entity, such that perceptions and experiences bubble up to our awareness. How is this possible? What allows such interaction … Continue reading

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Compelling Questions 4

***Can consciousness be quantified? Do humans have “more” consciousness than other animals? ***Can consciousness be qualified? Do humans have a more intense feeling of consciousness than other animals? Is our experience sharper, deeper, brighter, better, or more meaningful? ***Can any … Continue reading

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Selfless Conundrum: Nonsensical Altruism

As we all know, quite a bit of emphasis is placed on the difference between the values of “selflessness” and “selfishness.” One almost gets the impression that everybody blindly accepts as supreme truth that some actions are “selfish” while others … Continue reading

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Compelling Questions 3

***Is prototransmutation really possible or not?  If it is, what does this mean?  If not, what does that mean? ***According to (my non-professional understanding of) theoretical physics, time is basically just an additional dimension—the fourth dimension—with some subtle alterations in … Continue reading

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Punishment & Consequence

In my opinion, punishment is one of the most misguided and depraved of human notions. The iniquity comes not as much from the act of punishment itself as from the entire principle behind it: the intention to proliferate suffering as … Continue reading

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Feminism & Masculism

Good versus Evil. Haha, no. I facetiously portray feminism as good and masculism as bad (or even the reverse, in some opinions) in order to bring to light right from the get-go both the accepted popular attitudes toward each and … Continue reading

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When speaking of possible versus impossible, one needs to remember that “possible” and “impossible” are semantic constructions; they are contrived human thought forms that do not have any basis or even any meaning outside of human meaning. That is not … Continue reading

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