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Punishment & Consequence

In my opinion, punishment is one of the most misguided and depraved of human notions. The iniquity comes not as much from the act of punishment itself as from the entire principle behind it: the intention to proliferate suffering as … Continue reading

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Feminism & Masculism

Good versus Evil. Haha, no. I facetiously portray feminism as good and masculism as bad (or even the reverse, in some opinions) in order to bring to light right from the get-go both the accepted popular attitudes toward each and … Continue reading

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Pseudoscience: Biology and Behavior in Gender

Considerations of [causal fallacy] are especially important to keep in mind when on the topic of brain science because so little is understood or recognized about the possibilities of the brain. When a researcher notices that one particular group of … Continue reading

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Pseudoscience: Brain Gender

The following is a direct quote from the first chapter of Brizendine’s book “The Female Brain“: “Males’ and females’ brains are different by nature. Think about this. What if the communication center is bigger in one brain than in the … Continue reading

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Pseudoscience: Misunderstanding, Misrepresentation, Misattribution, Predisposition

There are a number of issues involving pseudoscience that I would like to bring to light, but first I must explicate my own understanding of pseudoscience and its ubiquity. It is common for people to call upon the name of … Continue reading

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Accessing Metal Music

Metal is a wide genre that can sometimes overlap with other genres, but that nevertheless occupies its own distinct and unique place within music. In other words, some Metal could conceivably be cross categorized with Thrashcore, for example, but to … Continue reading

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Metal Insights

Becoming a metal fan and entering into the metal world has given me some interesting insights and allowed me a new perspective on human tastes.  For instance, when you share metal with others and talk about your enthusiasm for metal, … Continue reading

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